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Spring and Summer, a time of new beginings, of bright warm growth, and a time of soft, sweet color.  We have the desire to see your imagination come to life, and any way we participate in the process is an honor!

As the year blooms, we love to share in the delight of it.  Adding a splash of color here, some soothing relaxation there, The Mane Thing Salon & Spa wants to be the hot spot that's not virtual. 


Autumn and Winter, a time of fresh snow, of subtle and drastic change, and a time of seemingly endless celebration.  At the times when it feels like the gloom will never end, we enjoy adding that silver lining to life.

While the year is winding down and winding up at the same time, The Mane Thing Salon & Spa will inspire and reveal the beauty that is you.  The home made comforts of the season aren't simply hot cocoa and pie!