When it comes to giving the guest a great experience, TMT stylists are second to none. From a complete balayage to the quickest trim our desire is to leave the guest feeling pampered.


While maintaining the highest standards in quality and sanitation the TMT spa staff seek to an unmatched atmosphere of relaxation leaving the guest craving more. 


From the moment the guest walks through the door, our first impressions team will make them feel welcome while checking them in and setting timeframe expectations.

Employing leaders with talent, honor, character, and generosity. Persons who are flexible and teachable; excel within a thriving environment; self-promote with integrity; team players; and those ready to grow with us personally and professionally.

The Mane Thing seeks to be both launch pad and incubator for artists who dream of reaching the stars and still believe it’s possible.  

From Manhattan to Salina, we’re within reach. While a great career is worth a drive, it doesn’t have to be a drag!

Artists and management are not two divergent entities, but a singular team with success in mind.


Enjoy the best work and culture as a TMT Stylist

Stylists have a myriad of responsibilities, along with hair shaping, simply taking care of guests is at the top of the list.  If you are passionate about people and have the heart to grow in your craft, then come in and apply!

Massage | Nails | esthetics

Enjoy the best team and guests as a part of our spa staff

From esthetics to massage to nails, come be a part of a team consistently exceeding the expectations of our guests on a daily basis!

First Impressions

Be that face everyone Remembers and  the glue holding it all together

Our Front Desk people are the first and last impression of our company and our brand.  Successful applicants possess skills that can handle a fast paced environment & attention to detail promoting our commitment a hospitable experience.